Summer ’20

I was done with my second semester examinations in the end of May and with that my first year at the University of Hong Kong had come to an end. I was back home in Mumbai since classes and exams had been moved online as a result of the ongoing pandemic. It was summer and […]


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How to Study Physics

Contrary to what the title suggests, this article is not a guide about how one should learn a physics topic such as mechanics or electromagnetism. It is instead a guide to studying physics, i.e., how one should go about becoming a physicist and what path one should take. I felt the need for this article […]

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The Journey Begins

Hi everyone! My name is Siddharth and I’ve just started to blog. I’m starting university in a couple of months. I will be blogging about university life, admissions, physics and many other things. I hope you enjoy my blog and it proves useful to you in some way.

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